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Located in the heart of Zhongshan, producing products for export internationally.


Our factory is located in Zhongshan, Guangdong Province,

close to major ports, Yian Tian, Hong Kong

1 hour from Shenzhen by car, 1.5 hours by ferry from Hong Kong, easy to access


Tooling Department


With a team of highly experienced engineers and professionals,we use the most advanced CAD systems for mechanical and optical design.


There are numerous technologically advanced machines. The Single-Point Diamond Turning Machine produces ultra-precision optical parts and aspherical lens inserts in complicated forms. Prototype lenses can be made rapidly for testing and evaluation.



Production Department


There are four plastic injection moulding workshops installed with more than 100 computerised plastic injection and extrusion machines. Each workshop is designated for specific parts. Plastic lenses are manufactured in a clean, air conditioned environment. 


We have installed dust-free spray room and automatic spraying machines and are capable of more complicated product decor.


There are more than 20 conveyer assembly lines in air-conditioned workshops. Expert lens assembly is done in dust-free clean room exvironments to ensure high quality.

Quality Control Department


Our laboratory is fully equipped with optical and mechanical testing instruments. Intensive quality evaluation is performed for each shipment and all products under development.



All Sunpet products meet high international quality standards and we have been awarded the ISO 9001; 2000 certificate.

Sunpet Industries Limited, manufacturer of astronomical telescopes, fieldscope, nightscopes,telescopes and binocualrs, in-house optical design and manufacture, mold tooling and production.

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