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2-in-1 Microscope

• Viewed through eyepiece or connect to computer

• Magnification through eyepiece: 50x,100x,200x

• 2x optical zoom

• Separate Camera attachment available to turn the device to a digital microscope.


• Built-in internal illumination (with stand)

• Detachable microscope head for outdoor use

• Inclination joint for more comfortable viewing

• Sample storage compartment

• Accessories

• Use with USB camera head to turn into digital microscope

716 Microscope
2-in- 1 Microscope/Telescope

• Microscope: 50x, 150x, 250x

• Interchangeable multi-power objective lens

• Interchangeable to 15x telescope


Accessory box:

• Prepared specimen slide

• Blank specimen slide

• Specimen slide cover

• Tweezers

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